I'm an international team rider for mistral. My quivers for the 2017 international Sup races will be the 14ft by 23inch Vortex (flat water) and the 14ft by 24,5inch Equinox (open ocean). these are some of the best race boards in the market today, designed  by Steve West who has had  many years of knowledge on the water and doing multi water-sports professionally. He has made the best boards on the water today and will for many years to come. 


I have been in the KO8 team for 2 years. KO8 is the most versatile piece of exercise equipment you can get your hands on. No need for tons of kit, you can now perform 99% of exercises with one complete system and the best is you can use it anywhere. Our philosophy on being able to train anywhere/anytime and make full use of our surroundings is what created the KO8. Our system was developed out of pure necessity to bring you one complete solution which caters for the contemporary world we live in, where time comes at a premium. The KO8 will provide you with the answers on how to build lean muscle, improve mobility, and burn fat through dynamic movements.





Motive8 personal training studio is the place where I found my love for sport. From being over weight, this little studio gave me an opportunity to change my life around and with the owner Poppy Pickersgill Ogden she helped me stay at her gym for has long has I wanted, her way of getting me to lose weight was letting me use her gym for free, if I was to lose weight. If I gained weight I would have to pay. It’s a great motivation for me to lose weight. And one year later I lost over 20kilos and was keeping up with paddling as well. 




Phil Evans has been my personal trainer from the start. I was introduced to him through Motive8 gym. Phil has been training me for over 2 years. He keeps me in shape all year round to be prepared for any kind of races that ill be competing in. He has pushed me to my limits in trainings, but out of it I have got stronger. Not just by strength, but mentally very strong. So that means nothing can put me down. If anyone is looking for a personal trainer who will get them fit and strong in no time please send me you're info in my contact list.